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Role Change Process

Thinking about a new role or new growth steps can be daunting and it’s often hard to know where to start. Here are some things to consider about the process.

Many of us will have multiple roles during our time with Cru. LDHR/P&C leaders are here to help you consider future opportunities and walk alongside you through any change process. 

A potential role change could be initiated by you or it may be initiated by Cru. These each could happen for a variety of reasons.

Every role has difficult seasons, and those don’t necessarily mean that God is leading toward a role change.

Our desire is that all of us would listen to the Lord. This is His mission. We are redeemed by Him to do good works as He empowers us with gifts. We desire to live faith filled, surrendered, and spirit filled lives in all we say and do.

When a person is interested in roles in more than one of our ministries or divisions, the ministries will work together with you to communicate about and share priority open roles. 

Your LDHR/P&C leaders will facilitate the role change process that Cru follows. The main steps in this process are listed below.

Role Change Steps

1. Explore Growth, New Work and New Roles

You may want to take some growth steps, and perhaps get some coaching to help you think about how to best steward your story by growing in your understanding of God’s leading and your gifting. Cru provides coaching and resources to help with that.

You may want to stay in your role, but get involved in some part time work that lets you learn and contribute to new work that interests you.

Your exploration of a new role could begin from a posture of curiosity or from a more settled desire to find a new role. Take a look through our Cru Job board, ask questions of other leaders, spend time considering your gifts, skills, and stage of life, etc. As you begin to get more intentional about exploring a different role, let your LDHR/P&C leader and Team Leader know. 

2. Apply for a Role

Find an open role on the Cru Job Board

Click “start a conversation” for whatever job you are interested in and complete the Google Form.

LDHR/P&C leaders will engage with you about your next steps. This will include exploring your story and needed setting and how they intersect with Cru’s strategy. There may also be references and interviews for particular roles.

If a new role is offered and accepted…

3. Meet with an MPD coach to determine your Level 1 support goal and create a support raising plan.

4. If applicable, have an exit interview with your previous LDHR/P&C leaders. 

5. Raise your support.

6. Report to your new role. 


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