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U.S. Capacity

Orlando, FL, USA

U.S. Capacity is made up of teams from U.S. LDHR, U.S. Technology, U.S. Digital Strategies, CFO Group/Financial Services Group (FSG), U.S. Development, Staff Services, General Counsel's Office (GCO), Donation Services Group (DSG), U.S. Talent Management (under U.S. LDHR), U.S. Staff Care, Lake Hart Services (LHS), and U.S. HR Capacity.

Our ministry is to serve in operational and resource roles that enable and accelerate Cru's mission and staff, and contribute to the Great Commission. We share the Cru values of faith, growth and fruitfulness and live those out through commonality, the consistency with which we experience  flourishing culture in our departments, and our connection to the mission. (Common, Consistent, Connection). 

Available roles on our teams will be listed by the department they report to alongside the job title. If you are curious about a role with U.S. Capacity and/or a specific team, please reach out to the contact for that department by viewing any of their job postings.