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Orlando, FL, USA


 What we desire for the world: Women to feel valued by God and impact their communities. We understand that women are constantly impacted by what the world says we should believe and do instead of viewing ourselves from God’s perspective as his beloved daughters. We want to continue to inspire women to Listen to his word, Connect with God’s heart, and Share his word with others.

How we fulfill that purpose: We provide an audio Bible in women’s voices, resource people for discipleship, and coach women to record the Bible in their languages.  We are currently working to build our community of believers around blogs, social media as well as other platforms to expose them to God's word through her.BIBLE and create resources for spiritually curious and young followers between the ages of 18-35.


Interested in more info or a conversation about any of these and other opportunities: 

Email: or text at 407-376-5745

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