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Transformational Leadership Movement

Transformational Leadership Movement (TLM) Vision: Christ-like church leaders who are leading, equipping, sustaining, and multiplying spiritual movements everywhere

We are a U.S. based, international ministry of Cru that has trained pastors and church leaders in Russia, Eastern Europe, Africa, South Asia, and Central America. TLM’s focus is training and multiplying pastors and leaders of godly character for the church. With a foundation of the Great Commandment and the Great Commission, pastors are trained to equip their members to develop movements of multiplying disciples, small groups and churches using TLM Discipleship Tools. They also train and mentor 4-8 other pastors who will train, mentor and multiply to 4 or more generations of other pastors with the transferable character and leadership development training they have received. In this way TLM develops maturing, multiplying leaders for the church who build self-sustaining, self-multiplying churches.